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Duplicate Detection Task Completion Template

After installing MS CRM 4.0 and testing out the duplicate detection, we noticed that the link in the email, that is send after the duplicate detection has been completed, was wrong. The link looked fine but was not pointing to the server. We changed the email template ‘Duplicate Detection Task Completion Template’ and tested it again.

The link now looks corrupted and didn’t work of course.
Duplicate Detection Task Completion Email

After a few attempts we decided that it was time to use the unsupported way and we went diving into the database, more specific in the table TemplateBase. There we had to change the server name and organization name in the xml that is found in the column ‘Body’ and also in the xml found in the column ‘PresentationXml’. (We copied the xml’s of a new organization so we were sure that we had the same layout as a new installation.)

After this it worked just fine.
Duplicate Detection Task Completion Email

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