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Host headers issue with WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007 and Search Server 2008

When installing WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007 or Windows Search Server 2008 I always encounter the same issue when using Host Headers. So I thought it was time to blog this. When I try to access a page which is configured with a host header I get prompt to enter my credentials 3 times. After the third time I get an empty page. This only happens when you access the page from the same machine as the installation. When accessing the page from another PC it works immediately. Read more »

E-mail Router service failes to start after rollup 5

After installing Microsoft CRM Rollup 5 (incl. reboot) the email router service failed to start. In the event log the following error appeared: The E-mail Router service could not run the service main background thread.
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Office 2010… A Movie?

Can you make office 2010 look cool?

Maybe it’s the nerd in me speaking but I just loved the new promo movie for the new office release.

Go backstage With Office 2010:

Speed up development with external JavaScript files

When creating complicated JavaScript for MS CRM it can be easier to place your code in an external JavaScript file while developing. This content of this file will be loaded and executed in the onload event of the form.
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Duplicate Detection Task Completion Template

After installing MS CRM 4.0 and testing out the duplicate detection, we noticed that the link in the email, that is send after the duplicate detection has been completed, was wrong. The link looked fine but was not pointing to the server. We changed the email template ‘Duplicate Detection Task Completion Template’ and tested it again.

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Can you log me on as a service?

 Last I was installing a service I wrote to synchronize some data to another system. I created a new domain user for this and created the user in CRM with only a few security options. Just like the MS CRM SDK tells us to.

When configuring the credentials for this service I got the following message.
The account <<My Domain Account>> has been granted the Log On As A Service right.
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Unshare accounts in MS CRM

After a company worked for several months with MS CRM, they decided to change security. They didn’t wanted user to be able to share accounts anymore. So far no problem but they wanted to remove all shares made by users.

There is no easy way of doing this, They have +60k accounts and 100 users and it’s impossible to check them all manually. So I had to make a program to unshared the records. My first problem was that it’s not possible to view the shares of a record (Correct me if I’m wrong) through the MS CRM Web Service. I could start and try to unshared all users for all records but that would require over 6.000.000 transactions.

So I looked at the database and tried to find a way to retrieve the share information (This is of course unsupported but my only intention here is to retrieve data from the database.) Read more »